Rubber Training Pistol


Rubber Training Pistol

  • Solid rubber gun
  • Simulated 45 style pistol and heavy for practicing gun disarms.
  • Made in brilliant red or yellow color.

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Rubber Training Pistol

Rubber Training pistols are designed to look and feel exactly like a real gun. They are perfect for training self-defence against a hold-up situation.

Can you teach yourself Self-Defence?

Although it is possible to teach yourself self-defence it is always better to be taught by a professional. Saying that if you have someone to practice against regularly it is better to practice self-defense on your own than not at all. Funny enough but, the best defence of any dangerous situation is always as per Mr Miagi from Karate Kid “NOT BE THERE”

Avoidance #1

Learn the skills of verbal judo and avoidance through social and assertive but non-confrontational skills.

Avoidance #2

When you do have to defend yourself and getting out of the situation is unavoidable you consequently have to learn a few further skills. The main detail of dealing with a gun is GET OUT OF THE LINE OF FIRE.? You have to get out of the line of fire.? Immediately grab the barrel of the weapon with a safe grip and move it well out of your way.? Once you have safely removed the gun out of your way it is time to attack and try and disarm your opponent.? You want to use anything and everything in your arsenal, knees, head butts, elbows, whatever it takes.

Video Example

Have a look at an example of attending a course where you will be taught all different kids of defences.
Self Defence Course by Dirk Ackerman Mindpearl corporate event.




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