Dojo Kun Poster


Dojo Kun Poster
Japanese and English and Kanji Dojo Kun Poster.

This beautiful poster will be send to you via courier in a corrugated Core with Cap to keep it safe.

You also have the option to add your Style, Club or Organisation logo which must be loaded or emailed to us.

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Shotokan Dojo Kun Poster

Dōjō kun (道場訓) is a Japanese martial arts term literally meaning “training hall rules.”[1][2][3][4] They are generally posted at the entrance to a dōjō or at the “front” of the dōjō (shomen) and outline behaviour expected and disallowed. In some styles of martial arts they are recited at the end of a class.[5]

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A3 Small (420mmx152mm), A2 Medium (595mmx215mm), A1 Large (840mmx303mm), A0 Xtra Large (1260mmx456mm)


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